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milking's Journal

spreading the love
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We all know you want it, we all know what you're out there in the dark.
With this journal we want to prove the theory that pervertion does not exist. Most of us just want to bend over the mirror and then hit some class A vag.... so what's keeping you? HIT IT.

We're here to spread the love, not the kind of love you see on television but real life love.
We're mostly looking for pictures, but not just any pictures. If you feel that there is something
you want to tell the world, if there is that special image itching your insides, secretly tickling you, come tell us!

We want to bring together a classy little journal of anything from sophisticated vintage to your favorite dog, basically what ever pops your cork.
We want to focus the aim of this site on broadening peoples perspective, we want you to open up your mind to a world of, that's right,
- Love.

Also? this is just the start, we'd love any tips on sites, events or new interest we can add.

If you are under 18 (or just a little prude) we ask you to click your way out of this perverted mature association since you might find it offensive.
But no matter what, remember -


A few rules;

-Don't enter if you're not a legal adult

-Don't enter if you know you will get offended

-Don't come here just for bitching, we'll just block and filter if we get bored of your barking.

-Use Lj-cut if you're posting several large pictures.

-Try to be polite, that way we can learn more from eachother and better get to know the complex subject of Love.

-Please try to follow lj regulations

-We don't discriminate anyone or anything unless LJ tells us to take it off, other than that everything is welcome